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Quai des Tanneurs,7 -4020 Liège - Belgique

Each apartment has all the comforts so that studies can be done in the best conditions and that parents are reassured: we offer a spacious area. Unlike the current offer on the market in Liege, each apartment is equipped with its own wireless transmitter with FREE unlimited and high speed internet connection. Each tenant has a host personal smart card (hotel type) available at his entry into the premises. The card allows him to access the slot. Each apartment has two to four wide and tall, tilt and turn style windows (new) with double glazing and good insulation, thus reducing the loss of heating and a beautiful light.

Each room has its own tilt-and-turn new window and double- glazed electric heaters. Space "bedroom" with a single bed 0.90 m x 2 m per room (for two-bedroom apartments) with an excellent mattress, nightstand, lamp and adjoining dressing cabinet for each tenant , a desk, a chair, electrical outlets and shelves. In our house we make it a point to have excellent bedding, e.g., with a sheer mattress on a bedspring, a modern bathroom with a spacious shower with glass walls (1.20 mx 0 80 m) with a sink, a storage cabinet, mirror and toilet. The dining lounge area has a small kitchen with an electric plate with two burner stove, a microwave oven, refrigerator, plenty of storage, a folding dining table and chairs, TV / TNT signal (TV not included), a two-seater sofa and coffee table.

The parquet style flooring is well managed and easy to maintain, the bathroom flooring is a modern and hygienic one. Each apartment has its own electric meter. The paintings are done whenever needed and not on a random mode. ‘Clean’, ‘well-maintained’, ‘bright’, that’s the feedback we receive the most during the visits with those who wish to book an apartment.