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Quai des Tanneurs,7 -4020 Liège - Belgique

The concept of the complex "Les Tanneurs"

A premium category residence of ample size, designed for students who may not find happiness in market supply as it exists today in Liege.

Life in the Residence "Les Tanneurs"

Location: the district of Outremeuse
Outremeuse is a neighborhood and an island in the city of Liege in Belgium. It is referred to in Walloon Dju of the Mouse ("beyond the Meuse"), or simply Djud'la. In the former principality of Liege, it was part of Vinave des Prés (one of three former vinåves ("quarters") of the City of Liège). Originally, the term referred to the suburb located on the right bank of the Meuse, opposite the historic center of Saint-Lambert situated on the left bank, beyond the bridge Arches. Currently, it is the entire area between the river and the river redevelopment Derivation from the nineteenth century. The area also housed the hospital of Bavaria for several centuries, much of which was demolished in the late twentieth century. This is one of the oldest and most popular areas of the city. In the nineteenth century, the arm and the bays of the Meuse are filled, and large arteries are created. Outremeuse retains the same appearance in the early twenty-first century.
Complete information about neighborhood life here
The unique location of the building supports all modes of travel respectful of the environment. Le Quai des Tanneurs, with wide sidewalks protected from irresponsible parking, allows students to move easily on foot to reach the key parts of the city. Cycling is also facilitated by the presence of bike paths along the banks of the Meuse. The use of public transport is also evident with a bus stop 100 meters from the building, served by lines 1 and 4, the routes connecting the major territories of Liege: Coronmeuse, Saint-Lambert, Avroy, Guillemins. Finally, the tram project, whose route includes the neighborhood of La Batte, completes the multimodal offer put forward by the designers of "Les Tanneurs".
Comnfort : All inclusive
To ensure harmonious coexistence within the student community, the interior of the complex has been thoroughly conceived. The apartments are fully furnished (bed, desk, wardrobe), all contain a complete sanitary compartment (shower, sink, toilet), a broadband internet connection and the possibility of a connection to digital television. A laundry room with washing machine and dryer (as required for ironing clothes). To best preserve the building recently restored, the total ban on smoking in the building applies.
The diversity of the area (residential, retail and services), when added to the student life, strengthens the familial atmosphere between Outremeuse and the neighboring streets. The renovation of the residence "LesTanneurs" were conducted by incorporating the latest safety standards in force. The fire regulations were strictly applied. For convenience, each tenant is provided with an access card to both the main entrance to the building and the private apartments.


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The lease to the residence “Les Tanneurs"

Lease term
The lease is in force for 12 months. Possibility of reducing the duration of the lease for Erasmus students. The lease expires at the end of the 12-month period following a renon letter by registered mail three months before maturity. Otherwise, the lease is renewed on the same terms.
Termination of Lease
The lease may be terminated by giving notice letter through registered mail at least three months in advance. For breach of the lease, the tenant must cover the full rent until maturity unless he can present a tenant of solvent substitution.
Warranty and Insurance
The tenant agrees to provide, prior to his entry into the premises, a rental deposit equivalent to two months' rent. The guarantee will be returned at the time of his exit of the leased premises and after proper and full compliance with all its obligations has been ascertained by the lessor, net of any amounts due. For the duration of the lease, the tenant will insure against fire and water damage his rental risks and claims by neighbors, with a company with headquarters in Belgium and justify this insurance.
For whom ?

Naturally, the aim is to cater primarily for students, but also to parents looking for a specific student accommodation. As renting student accommodation is not always easy in Liège or elsewhere we wish to propose a unique service and remain accessible and available to our student hosts. Each tenant will be able to contact Mrs. Levra on her laptop. The latter has worked for 30 years in the luxury hotel sector and has been living in Liége for the last seven years.