Tel: +32 471 91 25 29
Quai des Tanneurs,7 -4020 Liège - Belgique

Very far from the small, wet and shabby kots Les Tanneurs offers such apartments which are second to none and comparable to first-class student housing.

Ranging from small , "single or couple" of 30m2 to large 50m2 with two bedrooms, Les Tanneurs apartments have an offer for each and every one depending upon their desires and paying capacity. Because one must still pay a rent of 310 euros to 400 euros per person , depending on the room selected.
"But these are rents are all-inclusive," says the developer. The bedroom furniture, TV signal, Wi-Fi, security, etc.: The package is still quite wide. From the point of view of safety, noise, energy consumption and health, everything has been designed to provide optimal living conditions for students. If they are student apartments, they have to be luxurious.

Reasons to live at the residence :
  • Situation

  • Comfort

  • Security

  • Rents